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Why buy new tyres better than used ?

For whom and why new tyres are the best option. The corporations where tyre repair shops sign a contract to replace the tyres for the car fleet. VIPs are not interested for the price and they prefer to feel comfortable. They think new tyres means both save time and money. The vehicles with new tyres drive longer, spending more time with all four tyres from the same period of production. They also believe it’s saving money not to spend them in next 5-6 years.  

The main thing is safety. Not decide for used tyres of unknown origin. It may be that we have just acquired four “bricks” were used on four different cars and for many seasons. It is widely accepted that after about six seasons tyres should be replaced with new ones. It depends on the proper storage and tread wear. Tyres on one axle, should have similar tread wear. Maybe just purchased “bricks” were at a bargain price, as have a manufacturing defect, they can not be accurately weighed or badly behaved on the road? It can not be ruled out without checking them on a special machine on, and it is not visible on the "first sight". Tyres very quickly lose their properties when stored in the wrong way and are exposed to sunlight. It has a very large impact on the quality and safety of driving.

Be carefully when deciding to look for used tyres. A poor choice of replacement rubber will haunt you every driving day for the next three to six years. The wrong tyres will pound your neck, assault you with constant whining, cause your beloved sporty car to handle worse than a pickup, or scare you witless when it rains.

Some services officially don’t recommend used tyres and the basic reason is because you don’t know what you’re getting. There is no way to see the internal structure of such tyre. Another thing to watch out for is product age. Rubber is aged by ozone and sunlight and although tyres are protected with grease during molding and kept out of the sun, they still age in storage. Always check the tyre sidewalls when buying for the production date. Tyre dates are always noted as year and week number, in four digits (YY, WK or WK, YY). But You’ll never know where the tyre were stored in what conditions and how long before the sale. You can safe the money and buy cheap tyres which were stored unused a few years. However those tyres are perished and the compound of the rubber is not so solid as they should be for the vehicle. Stored tyres should be protected against potentially damaging conditions. The longer the storage period, the greater exposure there is to potential damage; so it is always advisable to use first the tyres that have been in storage the longest. So it may risk to purchase such kind of tyres even if their price is very cheap.

Always consider buying from an online tyre store. You may find a better deal than any brick and mortar store, even after you add shipping charges. This is especially true for less popular brands of tyres and/or high-performance tyres. Online stores will often ship the tyres directly to a mechanic of your choice, who will perform the actual installation. Online stores such as Tyres Online UK will often provide numerous reviews of different kinds of tyres and the tyre label of various aspects of their performance such as tyre class, wet grip, fuel consumption, and noise. The site will also give you manufacturer code which can be used to compare with other on-line tyre shops.